Altruism, Wildlife, The Hunt

All things that are great were once small or weak or sickly.
The tallest trees and the mightiest beasts were once saplings and cubs.
Power does not come from nowhere.  It is fostered from small beginnings.
Look after the lesser and little, as all things once were so.

The Yellow Law, as written in the Book of Is

The god Yellow is the guardian of the Green Lands, and the creation of the god Green.

Unlike Rose and Indigo, who are the children of Red and Blue, Yellow is a being entirely unrelated to Green.  She cobbled him together from mud and straw and flesh, and as such he has a connection with the earth that the other gods do not possess.  In his early years, Yellow developed arts that were initially useful to Green and her studies - the arts that draw from the earth, mining and fishing and hunting.  Later, he was able to pass these on to the Greenish people.

Yellow is the bounty of the earth, and all that it provides.  He is a god of care and kindness, the assurance that someone is looking out for you.  He is the water and the metal in the ground, the fish and the game of the wilds.  He is patience and trust.

He is husband to the gods Rose and Indigo, and father to the gods Orange and Brown.  He is undeniably loyal to Green, despite her occasional mistreatment of him.  He fosters a gentle fondness towards the rest of the pantheon, bearing no pains or grudges, no matter the history.

Yellow is worshiped widely by the Greenish, and is often included in the rituals of the Amber people of the Blue Lands.  Yellow plays an active role in assisting the people of his land, particularly when situations arise where children cannot or are not being cared for.  Also worth noting are the Yellow Brothers, an order of Greenish men dedicating to doing Yellow's work where he cannot, and looking after young men that cannot yet survive on their own.


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