Light, Chaos, Freedom

The world is vast, and full of mysteries and wonders without explanation.
There are things yet undiscovered and things that may never be known.
Even the gods cannot fully comprehend the world and all its aspects.
Take comfort, and worry not about knowing everything, for nothing truly does.

The White Law, as written in the Book of Is

The god White is one of the oldest and most powerful of the pantheon.  She and her twin-companion, the god Black, brought the universe into being.

She is a god of unconditional love, willing to provide aid to all who ask it of her - though the benefits of her actions may not be immediately helpful or useful.  She is a god of mysteries and faith.  She is the comfort of knowing that one cannot know everything.  She is the champion of the strange and the new.

White is the mother of the Three Sisters.  Of her three daughters, she is closest to Red, who shares her passionate spirit and future-focused thinking.  Beyond that, she shows no extra favor towards any of the other gods.  She is neutral in the face of conflict, but is one of the few allies of the god Brown.

White has few dedicated followers, and even fewer temples and churches; it is not in her nature to be confined by traditions and institutions.  She hears all nameless prayers; pleas of help, expressions of thankfulness, and cries of anger - all are received by her.  Her acts in response to them are subject to her whims.


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