Artist by Koutou


Metalwork, Martial Arts, The Moon

The greatest works in the world were made slowly and with care.
Things produced in haste don’t last, at best, and retaliate, at worst.
Whether from duty or from desire, all work deserves attention and skill.
Pursue perfection in all things, though it is rarely, if ever, achieved.

The Violet Law, as written in the Book of Is

The god Violet is the son of the gods Rose and Indigo.  He lives in the Blue Lands.

He is Rose's second child, and from an early age was known for his focus and serious moods.  He developed the art of metalwork after observing his mother working with a potter's wheel and kiln, and wondering if the same processes might apply to harder stuff.  After some assistance from his foster father, Yellow, in gathering materials, he began his work.  His first pieces were gifts to his elders.  He created a clock for Black - the moon, which keeps time of the months and days - and a mirror for White - the sun, which reflects radiance and warmth back onto the earth.

He is, above all else, a god of skill and discipline.  He is practice, precision, and perfection.  He is his father's arts taken to their sublime extreme.  He is the father of weaponry, and the arts of weapons.  He is not war, but the means by which wars are fought.

Violet's loyalties lie mostly with his father's side of the family, as he much prefers the order and stability of Blue's descendants and favored ones.  He has a fondness for his brother, Orange, that largely manifests in his tolerance of Orange's mischief.  He is not nearly as appreciative of Brown's presence.

Violet is worshiped as part of the Bluish Monotheist canon, but is much like his father in his distaste for attention.  Bluish smiths dedicate their finished works to him, but there are few other ceremonies in his name.  He can sometimes be found wandering crafts-shows and tournaments, appraising the work on display.


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