Fertility, Healing, Science

Nothing enters the world without care, or knowing the kindness of others.
Seeds of earth, flesh, and water all grew from protection and nourishment.
So, too, does nothing live and thrive without healing and other assistance.
Care for and nurture others, and be nourished and protected in return.

The Rose Law, as written in the Book of Is

The god Rose is the guardian of the Red Lands, and the daughter of the god Red.

Rose was conceived by her mother with power borrowed from the god White, her grandmother.  Rose developed the arts of fire and transformation - cooking, medicine, kiln-work - and they spread rapidly across the Red Lands as she matured and took up her duties as leader and caretaker of the Reddish.

She is the first and greatest doctor of her world, with skill enough to overcome even death.  She is a god of true emotional love, love that is shared and freely-spoken.  She is the celebration of sex without shame, of sex as the joyful root of reproduction.

She is the wife of the gods Yellow and Indigo, and mother of the gods Orange, Violet, and Brown.  She is also loyal to her mother, Red, and her grandmother, White, but cautious in engaging with any other gods.

Rose is worshiped almost universally by the Reddish people, and she engages with them regularly in times of need.  She is also invoked by those in recovery from illness, and those expecting children.  Animals and people with albinism are sacred to her.


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