Art by Hon


Fire, Destruction, Conflict

The world is enormous, but it is not without limits or boundaries.
Even the vast fields of the mind can only carry so much.
The dead are unavoidable, taking up space that belongs to the living.
Burn away what burdens without true purpose, be they thoughts or things.

The Red Law, as written in the Book of Is

The god Red is the oldest of the Three Sisters, and the high god of the Red Lands.

She is a god of fire in all its aspects - life-giving warmth; wild, dangerous light; heat that melts and transforms.  She is both wanton destruction and necessary conflict.  She is the burning-away of the old and the dead so that the new might thrive.  She is by no means a malicious god, but her darkly playful nature is all too often misunderstood.

She is mother to the god Rose and grandmother to the gods Orange, Violet, and Brown.  Though her displays of affection are rarely obvious, she cares very deeply for her immediate family, and will unfailingly defend any of them in times of need.  Her mother, the god White, is her only other constant ally.  She has neutral relationships with her sister, Green, and her father, Black.  The god Blue is her utter opposite, and they are bitter enemies.

 She is worshiped along with her daughter by the Reddish people, and many soldiers pray to her for protection before skirmishes.  Infants are often clothed in her color as newborns as wards against bad health.


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