Art by Dailen Ogden


Agriculture, Entertainment, The Sun

Happiness is a living thing, growing when it is nurtured and shared.
Confined and hoarded, it withers and rots, poisoning those who carry it.
Share joy where it is found, and there will be more joy.
Express love freely, regardless of law, and there will be more love.

The Orange Law, as written in the Book of Is

The god Orange is the son of the gods Rose and Yellow.  He holds claim over no land or culture, but can typically be found wandering the Green Lands.

He is the oldest of Rose's children, but he has a youthful, rebellious attitude.  He developed the arts of agriculture in his adolescence; one myth claims that the idea to plant crops came to him after he stole some seeds from his great-aunt Blue and threw them into an open field in jest.  He noticed, later, where they grew, and continued his research from there.

He is the warmth of laughter and good friendship.  He is mischief and trickery, cleverness and natural insight.  He is a god of loose definition, and his only goal seems to be seeing to the spread of happiness and pleasure across the world.

Orange is well-liked across the pantheon, though Blue and Black tire of his energy and antics relatively quickly.  He is particularly close to his sister, Brown, and his father, Yellow.  The only god he has difficulty with is Ash, the twin of Orange's consort, Grey.

Orange is not so much worshiped as he is invoked during celebrations and holidays of all varieties.  Harvest festivals, birthday celebrations, and general merry-making are all conducted in his name.


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