Art by Dibee


Art, Beauty, Law

Of all the forms of beauty in the world, language is best.
Though wood rots and bones crumble, art lasts, and words are immortal.
Without language, there is no law, no numbers, no understanding of life.
Learn the skills of language, for they are gifts to all humanity.

The Indigo Law, as written in the Book of Is

The god Indigo is the guardian of the Blue Lands, and the son of the god Blue.

Indigo was conceived by his mother with assistance from the god Black.  He was doted upon by his mother, growing up, and with her encouragement he developed the arts of reason and description - mathematics, music, logic.  When he took his place as leader of the Bluish people, he produced a code of law to organize them, the first of its kind.  He was inspired to invent a system of written language following his first meetings with Rose and Yellow, so that their peoples might be able to communicate without barriers.  The result - Color Script - is still used to this day.

He is a god of beauty in all its forms - in fair law, in mathematical purity, in elegance of design.  He is considered by many to be the most beautiful of the gods, with only Rose coming close to matching him.  He is the archetype of the perfect ruler: one who is just, fair, and cultured.  He is the god of all artistic pursuits, patron to all who seek to define their world with words or numbers or images.

He is husband to the gods Rose and Yellow, and father to the gods Violet and Brown.  He is somewhat estranged from his mother, at present, but remains loyal to her.  He has a similar relationship with his younger brother, Cyan, and his descendants.  He interacts very little with the gods outside of his spouses and his immediate family, otherwise, maintaining a diplomatic neutrality with them.

Indigo is rarely worshiped outside of the context of his mother, which is to his preference.  To Bluish Monotheists, he is a tragic figure, a martyr and a failed first king that cleared the way for High King Cyan's later reign.  Pantheists take care to give his achievements their proper credit, as many of them have been attributed to Cyan by Bluish Monotheists.  Indigo prefers to serve his people quietly and without drawing attention to himself, often traveling the Twelve Kingdoms in disguise as a mortal man or eunuch.


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