Chapter One, Verse Twenty-Eight

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When the time came for him to be born, Blue isolated herself.
She gave birth alone, submerged in water, for quiet and for comfort.
The child left her body silently, without fuss, as she had desired.
He was the synthesis of Blue and Black.  He was called Indigo.

Indigo was a healthy, handsome child, his body formed without any flaws.
His fine features took after his grandfather, with dark, water-smooth hair.
He had a beautiful face, like his mother in everything but sex.
His eyes were calm and deep; his color instilled feelings of peace.

Indigo much resembled his mother, but differed from her in many ways.
He would not seek to make new things, but would improve them.
His mother was content with the plain and simple, but not him.
He would see that the whole world could be filled with beauty.