Chapter One, Verse Twenty-Three

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Yet for all their physical loveliness, the Sisters were disappointed with humans.
They were made to be builders, but built nothing with their hands.
They were made to be thinkers, but did not think for themselves.
They were made to be explorers, but they did not travel far.

The Sisters each attempted to stir some action in their underwhelming peoples.
However, none of the gods wanted to give explicit orders to them.
Humanity was created to make something of their world not originally intended.
To control them directly would invalidate their purpose, and render them useless.

Many attempts were made to awaken the brilliance in these early people.
Signs and omens were put into the sky, meant to stir them.
And scare they did, but little else, for these were vague images.
Miracles were met similarly; humanity was so young they knew no better.