Chapter One, Verse Twenty-Two

22 - big.png

At this point in time, all animals and plants had been created.
Green’s hands had put into the world all plants, trees, and flowers.
She had made beasts, birds, lizards, insects, fish, and all other creatures.
The base, unworked ancestors of all that now lives in this world.

Some of these early creatures had been made by Green in collaboration.
Blue and her creatures of grace, Red and her crawlers and swimmers.
Some also inspired by pure spite - Red and Blue against each other.
Blue’s lizard, the steady, constant turtle.  Red’s birds, the moth and the butterfly.

Only one creation had been made with the influence of all sisters.
Humans came about when the sisters looked inward and wished for mirrors.
Creatures that resembled them in form, and could think as they did.
Humanity was crafted thus, with skin a mix of all three colors.