Chapter One, Verse Twenty-One

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Green left her land’s shape alone, but for reasons different than Blue’s.
She was too preoccupied with making changes to the living things there.
In her home, she began a vast collection of her favorite creations.
The Green Lands, an endless forest, the world of creation and evolution.

Trees upon trees covered Green’s lands, and all her other plants.
Her special ones she made giant, and that much easier to admire.
Animals and plants alike were magnified by her hand, honored as sacred.
As much as she loved to change things, she still had favorites.

Green made her people pale-skinned, like the heartwood of a tree.
She made them small, like she was, and quick on their feet.
They existed as high animals, nothing more, living among the beasts peacefully.
Fearless, quiet, wild - so made were the people of the Green Lands.