Chapter One, Verse Twenty

Blue kept her world together as one land, with mountains and plains.
She had little interest in modifying the plants and animals already present.
Instead, she developed crystals and gems, jewel veins running through the earth.
The Blue Lands, even and fertile, the world of prosperity and legacy.

Blue allowed birds to flourish, favoring those with the most brilliant feathers.
She made fish that flew through water, a rare act of change.
She wished for her waters to be as rich as her lands.
Her fields and waters were full of life, plant and animal both.

Blue changed not the skin of her people, keeping the nameless color.
She took care to differentiate male from female, altering their body shapes.
They were creatures of grace and longevity, with dark, feather-smooth hair.
Elegant, precise, ageless - so made were the people of the Blue Lands.