Chapter One, Verse Fourteen

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Blue, in contrast, was horrified by Red’s introduction of fire and death.
Additions to the world she knew were welcome enough if given time.
To see something destroyed, for ever, with no chance of coming back.
To Blue, this was unforgivable, and went against all that she believed.

Before Red’s influence could spread too far, Blue rushed to act.
If it was within her power, she would protect what she could.
In the end, she could only save three things from all death.
Earth, air, and water - now called the elements, anathema to Red’s fire.

Blue and Red have always been at odds in nature and action.
Black and White exist as equal partners, different yet capable of coexistence.
Red and Blue would cancel each other out if given the chance.
Unable to understand each other, even in peace, their hatred was secured.