Chapter One, Verse Thirteen

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Green had no objections to the plans and actions of her sister.
Red, however, was displeased with Blue’s plan, thinking it an inadequate one.
She knew her Sisters, and she knew their ways all too well.
If left alone, Green would create, and Blue would keep, for ever.

Even with limits, Green’s insatiable imagination would overfill their home and playground.
A means was needed to clear away what no longer interested her.
So Red introduced fire to the world, neither a blessing or curse.
Death, and fire, the necessary other halves of life and all creation.

Green was truthfully delighted by Red’s invention, and the potential it afforded.
Respecting Blue’s boundaries meant that space and resources were limited to her.
Green saw no harm in ridding herself of the old and useless.
Red and Green have always ever been the mirrors of each other.