Chapter One, Verse Eleven

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With the ground so established, Green then set herself to filling it.
Putting things on it and in it, for her study and amusement.
She used her base material, the ground well-saturated with her spirit.
Like sculptor’s clay, she took the stuff and began to mold it.

Using her materials, Green then put the first living things into being.
She started with moss, and onward to the larger plants and trees.
This is why so many plants still bear Green’s color all over.
And also why plants stay near the ground where they were made.

Green then began making animals, things that could move without her touch.
Her sisters had some influence in this, watching her and making suggestions.
Blue inspired graceful creatures, birds and beautiful fliers, with wings that gleamed.
Red’s interests brought about lizards, and all manner of other crawling things.