Chapter One, Verse Eight

True balance had finally been achieved, the gods as two-and-three.
Black and White, the Great Father and Great Mother, equals and opposites.
Red and Blue, the Sisters, heat and cold, the eternally incompatible pair.
And the youngest, Green, the median, the neutral center of the family.

Black, of course, still favored his daughter, Blue, for their shared attributes.
He loved Green slightly lesser, and Red, despite not always understanding her.
White, now with three daughters, found she did not have a favorite.
Though Red resembled her, they were all hers, and she loved them.

Red and Blue remained unstable playmates, Red’s active nature against Blue’s calm.
But with Green now among them, they found new ways to play.
Green allowed a means of negotiation, keeping rules for games they played.
Green preferred to play alone, but wouldn’t refuse when her sisters called.