Chapter One, Verse Seven

Green was, from the start, her own creature, unique and without resemblance.
Her eyes were beautiful and sharp, gleaming with thoughts and her color.
Her skin was pale, the palest of her family, after her mother.
Every aspect of her form was small, but her mind was infinite.

Green had neither her father’s hard body nor her mother’s soft one.
She was small and self-contained, middle-proportioned, neither thick or thin.
The rest of her was similarly unlike her parents or her sisters.
Green, the young, the new, the maiden dawn, genesis of all life.

Green proved to be the gentle center around which the family gathered.
She favored neither parent, neither sister, and she was fair in judgment.
The family was no longer one of two sides, each at opposition.
It was a balanced thing, now, capable of holding together without stress.