Chapter One, Verse Five

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Blue, in contrast to her sister, was a child of full figure.
Though her eyes were hard and carried her name with clear cold.
Her skin was a more even shade, a compromise between her parents.
But her hair was pale, long, and so soft, like her mother’s.

Blue was, as expected, most like her father, possessing a cool demeanor.
Her mother only gave her a large, soft body and soothing voice.
She was otherwise unlike White in every way, finding pleasure in silence.
Blue, the calm, the steady, queen of constance, and keeper of peace.

The sisters Red and Blue provided balance to the family of gods.
The bright Red and her mother, the dark Blue and her father.
Each possessing some of both their parents, but resembling one more strongly.
Black had his daughter, and so too did White.  All was fair.