Chapter One, Verse Four

Seeing this, White approached her companion and suggested that they try again.
Their daughter Red had put them out of balance with her nature.
She was too much like White, and was not enough like Black.
Another child, one more like their father, was the solution, White concluded.

“We understand each other better, now,” White told her companion, in explanation.
“This time, I will take more of your self into my self.”
“Surely, I will then conceive a child that is more like you.”
Finding no fault in her logic and thinking, Black agreed to try.

They coupled once again in the void, Black and White entwined together.
This time, however, it was Black who drove the course of action.
He controlled and embraced White’s soft body, her movements following his own.
And, indeed, she conceived another child, another daughter.  She was called Blue.