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Despite the seeming sameness of the world and its cycles, everything changes.
To see the world as static is an insult to the world.
To remain inert and stationary is an insult to the living body.
Go out and seek the new, and rejoice in living and change.

The Green Law, as written in the Book of Is

The god Green is the youngest of the Three Sisters, and the high god of the Green Lands.

She is a god of life and creation, a god of new growth and discovery.  She is the first young shoots that herald the coming of spring.  She is both catastrophic change and the gentle, constant cycles of life.  She is the infinite potential of the young, and the endless horizon of the future.

Green is the eternal child of the pantheon; her only "offspring" is Yellow, who was created by her through artificial means.  She possesses a child's lack of foresight, acting first and asking questions later.  This said, the understanding of the world that she possesses surpasses all but her parents' own knowledge.  She prefers to see to her research and the discovery and creation of new forms of life, and thus stays out of the plots and machinations of the other gods.  She has no real friends or enemies, save Yellow, who is frequently her confidante in times of frustration or anger.

She is acknowledged and honored by the Greenish as their creator, but not worshiped nearly to the extent that Yellow is.  It is rare for her to show an interest in her own people, preferring Yellow to perform that function.


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