Art by Keezy Young


Dreams, Knowledge, Magic

There is no such thing as a true fear of the unknown.
Fear is born from what is known blossom-rotting in the mind.
Project no expectations on that which is only similar to the senses.
Fear not what is not understood, and with opened mind, know grace.

The Brown Law, as written in the Book of Is

The god Brown is an enigma.

She is the daughter of Yellow, Indigo, and Rose in combination. Born malformed and premature, her mother Rose was certain she would not live long.  It was her father Yellow that took her and nursed her to full health, and raised her in his home in the Green Lands.  She enjoyed a peaceful childhood, and learned the arts of all three of her parents.  As she grew, she developed abilities that allowed her to bend and manipulate the very fabric of reality, and her magic is among the most powerful of the pantheon.

Her existence defies reality and definition; she is the literal union of two fathers and one mother.  She is knowledge and paradoxes.  She is the impossible made possible.   She is the power and the danger of learning.

She is sister to the gods Orange and Violet, though she's closer to Orange.  Of her parents, she is closest to Yellow, who did most of the work in raising her.  Red and White are also allies of hers.  The gods Blue and Black despise her for her inherently chaotic nature.

Brown is rarely worshiped formally, but is invoked and thanked as a muse by many artists and writers.  She holds a special place in the Order of the Yellow Brothers of the Green Lands, as they care for sickly or unwanted children as Yellow once cared for her.  Her color is often used in the clothes of students and apprentices in Pantheist areas.  


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