Weather, Stability, Home

Nothing is truly owed or guaranteed or certain. Gods alone are entitled.
Fortunes may change in an instant.  The worst cannot even be anticipated.
Accept what is given, and ask for no more.  Nothing is owed.
Cherish what is owned, and do not waste it, but preserve it.

The Blue Law, as written in the Book of Is

The god Blue is the middle of the Three Sisters, and the high god of the Blue Lands.

She is a god of water, the source and sustenance of all life.  She is home and hearth, the promise of a welcome and a warm meal after a long day.  She is the god of dynasties and kingdoms, of civilizations that stand for eons.  She is the Sky Mother.

She is mother to the god Indigo and grandmother to the god Violet.  She is also the mother of the mythic High King Cyan, and the progenitor of his line, which continues to rule the Blue Lands to this day.  Blue is intensely loyal to her descendants, and will go to great lengths to ensure their safety and comfort.  She is similarly devoted to the god Black, her father, who is particularly fond of her in return.  She is amicable with Green and kind to Yellow; she tolerates Orange and is loving but distant to White.  Red, Rose, and Brown, however, inspire nothing but hatred from Blue, and she seeks to keep them and their actions as far away from her people as possible.

She enjoys a long and well-structured history of worship with her people, who have developed churches and hierarchies of faith at her command.  She routinely advises the monarchy and church leaders with a physical avatar known as the Oracle, who lives in the Diamond City.  Despite the spread and acceptance of Pantheism, Bluish Monotheism remains a stubborn hold-out; its faithful claim that Blue is the only true god, and the rest of the pantheon are powerful, lesser, imitators.  Blue's worshipers seek her favor with offerings of water and stones, particularly gemstones.  Some of her followers also sacrifice animals and infants born with albinism to her, as they are signs of Rose's work, and must be killed where they are found.


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