Art by Saija K.


Darkness, Order, Definition

There is nothing in this world that cannot be understood or explained.
Nothing in this world that was not first conceived by a god.
There is a place for everything, and the gods know those places.
Know that nothing is unknown; worry not, and take comfort in this.

The Black Law, as written in the Book of Is

The god Black is one of the oldest and most powerful of the pantheon.  He and his twin-companion, the god White, brought the universe into being.

He is an all-accepting god, one who seeks to find a place for all things.  He is a god of fact and reason.  He is the comfort of knowing your place in the world, and exactly what you can and should do with your life.

Black is the father of the Three Sisters.  Of his three daughters, he is closest to Blue, who shares his love of sense and order.  Beyond that, he shows no extra favor towards any of the other gods.  He is neutral in the face of conflict, but will make an exception for anything to do with the god Brown and her activities.  She is, in his mind, an abomination, that should be confined or destroyed.

Black has few dedicated followers, and even fewer temples and churches; it is not in his nature to draw attention to himself, preferring his work in bringing order to the world to speak for itself.  He works alone, keeping reality running, one act at a time.


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