Art by Gawki


Weaving, Marriage, Stars

There are truly few differences, body or manner, between men and women.
All work favors neither gender, the soft arts and hard arts both.
Love may thrive between men and men and women and women all.
Work and love as desired.  Let no role be forbidden by sex.

The Ash Law, as written in the Book of Is

The god Ash is the consort of the god Violet.

He was created by the gods Black and White as a gift to celebrate Violet's birth: a perfect companion, designed to grow alongside Violet and take on traits that complemented him.  Ash was initially androgynous and without gender, but developed a masculine identity and features as he matured, which Violet found agreeable.

Ash is a god of needlework and fiber crafts, developed in tandem with Violet's own metalwork, to act as a counterpoint and counterpart.  He is the definition of a well-made match, not identical to his spouse, but a balance to his nature.  He is a god of sailors and of travelers, for he designed the pattern of stars in the sky as a way of giving the lost a way home.

Ash's relationships align with Violet's, as they share a social circle.  Ash has a fear of being separated from Violet, and is never far from his side.

Like Violet, Ash is not typically worshiped formally, but works of cloth are dedicated to him upon completion by many Bluish.  He is very often seen with Violet when he travels.


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